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part 6 yaoi index

Wow. You people are crazy. Here's all the yaoi fics from part 6.

Last updated 5/16/08 10:30 PM PST


Anon would like to request some Klavier/Apollo (or Miles/Phoenix if that's more your thing) where they, for whatever reason, end up at some sort of masquerade ball.

Bonus points if one of them is in a dress. :D - Clandestine Truths on the Dance Floor by Anonymous


I read the last letter in the following Savage Love column (http://www.thestranger.com/seattle/SavageLove?oid=515659 - probably NSFW), and perhaps it was the guy's diction (oh, "the awesomeness that is buttsex") but I just... Couldn't seem to forget about it.

WHAT I WANT is Apollo in this situation. As our poor "so much for being a stud" letter-writing pal, with his cock-trigger-ass boyfriend Klavier. I particularly would like to read about him following Dan's advice (plz to be making with Klavier concentrating on giving it up to Apollo?), but if you'd like to include some crack, a scene with Apollo actually receiving this advice would be ace.

You know, especially if he just wrote about how frustrated he was in his journal, to one day open it and find a mysterious hobo-like scrawl of "he's just going to take it like the bottom bitch he is! :D" - The Case of the Minute Man by Anonymous


So, when Apollo uses the perceive system, he focuses in reaaaaally close on his subjects, and time seems to sloooow down, right?

I'd LOVE LOVE Voyeur!Apollo watching an "unaware of his audience" Klavier jerk off. Bonus points if Apollo wasn't intending to watch and being utterly horrified at what he's doing while turned on. :D - Untitled by Anonymous


After reading a comment above 'Hair Trigger Prostate' I thought it said 'hand trigger prostate.'

So now I request this.

Any yaoi pairing. With a pleasure remote.

More specifically...

a remote. With a trigger that stimulates the prostate. - WHAT HAS SCIENCE DONE by Anonymous


I wanna see Klavier/Apollo (or A/K) hospital!fic. It can be from something as silly as getting a shot, to a serious injury. But I want to see FLUFF, Anon. One of them being there to comfort the other, holding hands, etc. - Untitled by Anonymous


Klavier loses his most precious possession... his voice.

You could take it in an angsty way...maybe surgery damages his vocal cords... how the hell does he pick up his life?

You could also take it comically... maybe it's only temporary (like the flu) and he has all sorts of trials and tribulations trying to communicate with his Forehead Apollo. In court, making dinner, in the bedroom...

especially in the bedroom. >:D Does he write out his requests? ;3 - Untitled by Anonymous


I know there was a request for Klavier and Apollo to get married and one to 'make Klavier a family', but I think I need something more specific.

Ideally, I'd like it if Apollo, living with Klavier, feels the need to adopt some kid - like, pull a Phoenix and get really attached to a toddler in a case to the point of adopting him/her. Klavier should be reluctant to accept the role of 'papa' or 'vater' or whatever he considers it, but get even more attached to the kid than Apollo.

Bonus points for it bringing them closer, maybe to marriage-point.

EXTRA bonus points for social services trying to take the kid away and Klavier just BREAKING over it. - Two Dads by Anonymous


I'd really like a steamy fic prompted by a horny Klavier telling Apollo in husky, German tones just how much he wants to fuck him through the wall.

Yes, that precise expression. Not crack, but delicious, frantic, back-clawing sex.

Bonus points for damage to the wall. - Durch die Wand by Anonymous and Untitled by Anonymous


I want Klavier and Apollo. The prompt? Fighting.

But not each other.

They're fighting for each other... fighting to protect each other from a bunch of thugs/a mob/gangsters/gunmen/fangirls/what have you.

Fighting, as in, APOLLO (and Klavier, maybe) KNOW SERIOUS MARTIAL ARTS. AND KICK ASS. Because, for some reason, I totally can picture Apollo as someone who sekritly knows some form of judo or karate or whatever and pwning whoever thought he was an easy target without any sweat. >D

Make it all that spilt enemy's blood and sweat and silent glances/mutual understanding/sexy smirks during battle sort of thing, anon. Make it AWESOME and HEART-RACING. XD ♥ - Crouching Klaiver, Hidden Polly by Anonymous


Direcly post GS4-4... Klavier and Apollo get absolutely hammered.

An angsty scenario is welcome, where they get pissed to forget their mutual woes, but this anon would also like something funny, maybe set in a bar, following the trials and tribulations of how the two drunk lawyers get home. Falling over in the street, talking to random strangers, unsuccessful groping in the back of a taxi, and then finally collapsing in Phoenix Wright's doorway.

Bonus points for Phoenix treating them like unruly teenagers, forcing a cold shower on them. :D Extra bonus points for failed, drunk sexytime... Klavier drunkenly attempting oral on something that altogether *isn't* Apollo's penis I anticipate being hilarious... - Capitan Gigglefit and Hiccup Boy, Away! by Anonymous


I just want some Apollo and Klavier fucking. Just a real, carnal, almost violent lovemaking against a wall or a bed or whatever, with Apollo loving it and Klavier losing himself, and growling and clawing and guh. The sort of thing where they just can't stand being apart for a second, and just need eachother right there. - Tease by Anonymous


Klavier's "guest singer" cancels at the last minute. What can he possibly do?


Bonus points if some producer offers Apollo a CD deal - OR extra bonus points for Klavier being all, "Oh, fuck it - wanna join the band?" or something.

Actually, even more bonus points if you can make it so that the whole world knows who Apollo is (and, if you so choose, that he's Klav's boytoy). - Rockin' Polly by Anonymous


"I came here to make you dance tonight
I don't care about my guilty pleasure for you
Shut up cause we won't stop
And we're getting down till the sun's coming up"

This song's been stuck in my head for the past ever. Some Apollo/Klavier to go along with it, maybe? - Such a Bad Idea by Anonymous


Anon would like some 83 Cute happy fluffy teeth rottingly sweet Mpreg and oh god I feel like such a dork for requesting this... And if this has been requested before I'm SO sorry and delete this post D:

A short while after Daryan's sorry ass is thrown in jail, poor Klavier discovers he left a little something behind, namely, he is preggers with his illegitimate child. Even having no family left, he makes the decision to still keep the child and raise it on his own, not expecting any help, any sympathy, any anything except of course, when Apollo just so happens to find out about it. He pretty much assumes nothing from him as well, but! Apollo has had feelings for Klavier for some time and doesn't care in the slightest the kid isn't his and takes it as the perfect opportunity to shut Klavier the hell up and take care of him.

I want Klavier and his baby adopted into the little Wright family they have going on and taken care of and loved! With Trucy all excited about a baby and Phoenix feeling all amused and old with them all banding together to help prepare, and then taking care of the baby after and what have you. - Responsible Adults by Anonymous


What I really want to see is Apollo on drugs and absolutely loving the hell out of it. Maybe Klavier's all, "You're too damn serious, you wouldn't even take one pill," and Apollo's all, "omnomnomnom WHAT'S UP NOW, BITCH."

Anyway, I just need some high!sex with happily drugged Apollo and happily drugged Klavier. - Untitled by Anonymous


Apollo strikes me as liking the mundane things in life... reading the newspaper, drinking tea, stacking the dishwasher...

I'd like to see this emerge somehow in his sex life with Klavier. ;) Namely, solemnly and contentedly telling Klavier about his day... while Klavier slowly and intently jacks him off. - today's report by Anonymous


Phoenix Wright/Howl's Moving Castle parody.

Klavier = Howl
Apollo = Sophie
Anyone else = I DON'T CARE. - taking pictures by Anonymous and Untitled by Anonymous


Situation: The happy couple are out doing something nice: a date, a picnic, a stroll, whatever! They are obviously in love, and very obviously gay (not ~*fabulous*~, just gay). Their good time is ruined when some homophobic jackass(es) notice them and, I don't know, spit on Lawyerone's face, call them faggots, every piece of shit they can manage. Lawyerone is totally shaken. Confused. Terrified. He's never faced this kind of abuse before.

Then Laywertwo beats the fuck out of them. - Being Drunk Is NOT a Virtue by Anonymous


Take this excerpt (written by a friend) and run with it:

“Why did you kiss him?” Apollo demanded with all the vehemence of a lover betrayed.

Klavier tried to phrase it in such a way that Apollo wouldn’t get mad-- or madder than he already was. “Forehead, baby,” he said cautiously, “it’s fanservice.” - Untitled by Anonymous


I want to see Apollo happy. Carefree, relaxed, smiling, laughing, you get the idea. Genfic with family tiem or fluff with Klavier appreciated. - If you're happy and you know it... by Anonymous


This anon likes to see both Klavier/Apollo and Apollo/Klavier, both ways. Thus, the kink is this: Klavier and Apollo, starting out one way in bed and one or the other being surprised when they switch halfway through. - De-Railed by Anonymous


I want to see Klavier as a lifeguard. Apollo tries swimming for the first time, and starts drowning. Klavier saves him, smut happens - The Kiss of Life by Anonymous


Anon would like to see Klavier either stabbed or shot in the line of duty, and it kind of surprises him, and he tries to joke away the problem for the benefit of the people around him until he realizes he's really dying, kind of like Mercutio in Romeo and Juliet.

"So this...this is it, ja? Expected...worse..." - Parting Is Such Sweet Sorrow by Anonymous


Apollo's Foster Parents are leaders of a Gang rivaling the Kitaki's. Making Apollo the heir. They're supportive of his choice to become a Defense attourney, but worried about punks moving in now that the Kitaki's have gone Legit.

Here's the kicker NO ONE ELSE KNOWS. Not Phoenix, not Trucy not even Klavier, who Apollo is hoping to date in the near future.

My Kink? I want Apollo living a double life. But with a Fluffy happy sap ending. - Sun up, Sun down by Anonymous



Edgeworth reduced to carnal instincts. Complex thinking is getting more and more difficult for him, and the urge to protect Phoenix from danger and rivals is getting stronger, as is the urge to mate with him (rather than 'make love', as they usually do) is getting stronger as well.

Phoenix thinks it's a fun new game, but as the days go by Edgeworth's slowly losing his ability to string complex sentences together, to understand half the words he used to use on a daily basis, and soon even reading is a constant struggle.

Phoenix investigates to find out wtf is happening. - THIS IS NOT A FIC by Anonymous and MEANINGLESS WEREWOLF PORN HOMG and HOMG, MOAR WRWLF PRN 4RLZ by Anonymous


More Miles/Phoenix, please. D: (In that order)

Miles and Nick are in a sort-of relationship where they categorise each other as friends-but-sometimes-lover-though-it's-not-often. They treat each other more as good friends, but they secretly enjoy their very rare trysts, and don't actually act awkward about it if it comes up (and it never comes up in public or in a shouting match because they keep it very tightly under wraps).

I want Miles to be a busy, busy man (but not the curt kind of, "I have work, go away." I want him to be at his office with papers and case files and generally filling them out, but looking up over his desk at Nick and telling him, "An outing sounds pleasant but I have cases up to here and I doubt I'll be able to have some time to myself for sometime.") and Nick to be a sweetheart about it and being all, "That's okay. Work is important. We can always hang out... next month or something. Ahaha. Ha. :(" (even though he's secretly hankering after Miles and wants to be together)

Eventually, Miles realizes that Nick hasn't stopped by to see him anymore and Maya tells him that he's been acting like a jilted girl in the office, doing nothing else but clean the toilet and lying on his desk, moping. He's surprised, being all, "I didn't think he was so serious about it." She is unamused and tells him, "It's so obvious he's crushing on you, silly. Now go and do something cheesy for him and make him happy again!" (because she knows that Miles likes Phoenix since their UST is obvious ho ho ho)

So! I'd like Miles to surprise Phoenix and to take him out. Nothing high class or fancy - it could even just be pizza in the park or a smoothie at a café or something delicious and unhealthy at a family restaurant/fast food joint. Then I want them to take a walk and chit-chat like friends and be happy and stuff.

AND THEN. When it's getting dark, Miles walks Phoenix back.

I would love if Miles could let himself in and both of them move to the kitchen to make their own respective beverage - coffee for Nick, tea for Miles - also chatting as they do so, and then Miles moves in. FOR THE KILL. Or kiss.

Then, I want them to make out and Miles to initiate happy sexy tiems with him on top. And nobody cares about a condom or their drinks. <3

Please do this for me, anon. I love them so much and I like to picture them becoming more stable in terms of their relationship with each other.

BONUS POINTS: 'Nick' is Phoenix's bedroom name and it turns Nick on like BURNING. - Glamorous Sky by Anonymous (incomplete) and climax, denouement by Anonymous


Something with Phoenix and Edgeworth using song lyrics from Death Cab for Cutie's album Transatlanticism? - Too Far for Me to Row by Anonymous


All right, so shortly after the events of the fourth game, Phoenix and Edgeworth reconnect and one thing leads to another and they start seeing one another.

BUT! That's not the important part.

What I want to see is Trucy can't stand Edgeworth. They got off on the wrong foot when they first met. She's never thought Daddy liked guys--secretly, she always wanted a mom--and she's jealous of the way Phoenix is obviously head over heels for Edgeworth. Not only that, but she's hurt that she thought she knew her Daddy better than anyone else, and he never even mentioned Edgeworth or their mutual past (uhhh, Phoenix saving Edgeworth, not a romantic relationship).

So, long story short, I want to see Trucy trying to deal with a situation she hates, but eventually she beings to see why Edgeworth is so important to her dad, and decides maybe he isn't so bad after all. - Untitled by Anonymous


NaruMitsu rape/recovery - Untitled by Anonymous


Any yaoi pairing. With a pleasure remote.

More specifically... a remote. With a trigger that stimulates the prostate. - Untitled by Anonymous


This anon really want some necrophilia >__> serious fic, not crack, with lots of mindfuckery.

Phoenix/Edgeworth, preferably Edgeworth being the dead party. How is up to anon, but bonus points if Phoenix is there when Edgeworth dies and this is what screws with his mind.

mega bonus points if Gant is somehow involved and perhaps urging Phoenix on, screwing with his mind, but Phoenix is too messed up at this point to recognize Gant :D - No Funeral for the Damned by Anonymous



My kink being manly!sex and more specifically manly!miles

I want copious body hair, sweat, grunting, musky man smells! I want testosterone laden hot rough sex! - Untitled by Anonymous


Not really a kink, but I do love it when specific place names are mentioned, like near the beginning of this fic (http://teagueful.livejournal.com/11393.html?thread=2108801#t2108801) (Euclid and Fifth) and in Part 2b of this fic (http://teagueful.livejournal.com/24505.html?thread=6114745#t6114745) (I-66, Constitution Avenue).

Sooo I guess what I'd like to see is a Phoenix/Edgeworth fic (either pre- or present-relationship) that's really place-specific? I don't care if it's fluff or angst or humor, just mention names whenever possible (though don't go overboard with it). - Magnolia and Main by Anonymous


Phoenix and Miles have had a long, happy life together. Maybe a scattering more of adopted kids after Trucy, maybe a few years Miles writing thrilling educational books on international law, definitely shacking up in later years for lots of snarking at one another and being in love.

Then, gradually, Miles starts forgetting little things. At first, they laugh/snark it off: Miles is getting old, is too distracted by Phoenix' sexy old butt, etc. But as the months go on, Miles is horrified to realize words that came so easily once are escaping him, and he keeps misplacing things. And worst, he starts having trouble recognizing old friends.

GIVE MILES ALZHEIMER'S, MAKE ME SOB. - Whiteout by Anonymous (incomplete) and Dementia by Anonymous


I want to see Edgeworth as High Prosecutor, who has a penchant for call... boys? I guess maybe you'd call them "escorts?" Every night, Edgeworth is with a different, high-cost escort. Phoenix finds out about Edgeworth's "hobby" and is upset because he has feelings for Miles. So, Phoenix tries to convince him to stop... by seducing him with his body. - Free of Charge by Anonymous


Alright, so there's been German-speaking Edgeworth, which, though incredibly hot, was something I couldn't enjoy to its full potential because I don't know a lick of German. French, however, I have some experience in.

My request? Something Phoenix/Edgeworth with either one of them (or even both!) speaking la langue d'amour. I don't care how you do it, though I'm admittedly pretty vanilla so I'd prefer if there were no explicit sexytime involved (though I do not mind steamy make-out sessions). - Tutoie-moi by Anonymous


An unofficial sequel to Rubber Ducky in which Phoenix doesn't die - Rubber Ducky: Rise from the Suds by Anonymous


What I'd really, really love to see? Some Phoenix/Edgeworth kissing. (yeah I know I'm terribly vanilla) But not just standard makeouts--like, beginning-of-a-physical-relationship, what-do-I-do-with-my-tongue, I-dunno-wtf-I'm-doing-but-this-feels-good, highly awkward kissing.

Bonus points for one partner nonverbally giving the other pointers on how to do it better. - Untitled by Anonymous


Hello, lovely anons. I'm craving some domestic Phoenix/Edgeworth. Taking place some time after Apollo Justice, and they are living together in a house with Trucy. I'd like the two acting very much like an old married couple, but still in-character, and still masculine. Taking pleasure in the simple things like cooking meals and working in the yard. - Untitled by Anonymous


Well. Uh, I realized... We've really not had any pony-play. If you need more knowledge about said kink, have a NSFW link: http://www.londonfetishscene.com/wipi/index.php/Pony_play

This has become a problem to my mind, kinkmeme. I don't really care who is involved, and either art or fic would be rad. It's just a kink we need, my friends, and it's totally open to your pairing of choice. Just get those guys or gals in tackle, and I will be your BFF. - Show Pony by Anonymous


I wanna see Vampire!Phoenix! Don't care if he's been one for a century or whatever, but I would love for him to be newly turned. xD

Bonus points for pairing him with Edgeworth; and OP would love for there to be hurt/comfortness involved. - Of Blood Red and Burgandy by Anonymous with an Epilogue? by a different Anonymous and a sequel, Blood Will Tell by the first Anonymous


Chii's Sweet Home/Phoenix Wright!

Does Phoenix and company find Chii wandering around and takes her home? How does Edgeworth react? Does Gumshoe buy Chii lots of cute toys?

Just lots of fluff. I would love if there was a little P/E interaction there [again, just fluff. relationship o/ pre-relationship o/ friendship, even] with Pearls, Maya, Gumshoe, and maybe even Franziska getting in on the fluff. - Chii: Edgey, let's play! by Anonymous


Miles is a werewolf and Kristoph is a vampire and Phoenix meets Kristoph and... stuff. - Five Times... by Anonymous, with a happy ending sequel by another anonymous


Now let's have Phoenix lay an egg... and not be weirded out by it in the slightest. :3 - Delivered by Anonymous and SHAMELESS SBEMAIL RIPOFF by Anonymous


Phoenix has multiple personalities. - Best Imitation of Myself by Anonymous


Two words: HOBO EDGEWORTH. - Untitled by Anonymous


Edgeworth as a vampire who has been keeping it under wraps, but a case or something else gone awry has turned Phoenix into a girl, and well, girl!Phoenix is on her period. Rather it not be established P/E, but author!anon can do what he/she likes. Kink? Vampire!Edgeworth has to go down on girl!Phoenix, lapping up the blood and loving it. I'd rather no dark stuff. Fluffy and cute, yes? <3 Well, fluffy with the smexing, of course! - Cramps by Anonymous


Edgeworth is Rose and Phoenix is Jack.

I don't care what anyone says, Titanic is amazing and it still makes me cry. - Untitled by Anonymous


Phoenix/Edgeworth, PONYPLAY.

Edgeworth is the pony. - Headspace by Anonymous


Phoenix and Edgeworth sharing an ice cream - Strawberry Ice Cream by Anonymous


Miles is driving Phoenix somewhere, and they're in a horrific accident. Miles is unhurt save for a few scratches... Phoenix's face ends up scarred and burned to the point where he's unrecognizeable.

Edgeworth cringes every time they come close and has trouble kissing and being intimate... Phoenix thinks it's because he's too ugly now, but in reality it's because Edgeworth can't help but feel guilty for what happened.

Angst plz. And then some surgery to make it a little better. - Turnabout Venom by Anonymous


We've had it happen every other way. Now, Phoenix needs to pursue Edgeworth through PORN.

When Phoenix finds out his best friend has gone from wanting to be a lawyer to becoming the most famous gay porn star in existence, he trys to contact him the only way he can think of: by going in after him.

Bonus points if: 'whatever porn star name Miles goes by' is famous for being a total slut and group sex.

Bonus!Bonus points: if it turns out to be the wrong guy. - Under the Bleachers by Anonymous


The only P/E phonesex response we've had has been crack? Really?

I want serious hot and heavy phonesex, anon. Emphasis on the serious - Untitled by Anonymous


Apollo ends up meeting Edgeworth, and they have lunch together. Once they get comfy, Edgeworth talks about his boyfriend (Phoenix) in.../full/ detail.
..but doesn't say who it is and Apollo doesn't know - Don't Talk to Strangers by Anonymous


Other yaoi:

Gant/Edgeworth, playing organ at Gant's office

No smut please, I'm just curious to read non-smut fic of this pairing =) - Masterpiece by Anonymous and The Game by Anonymous


After reading this post (http://community.livejournal.com/igiari/205558.html), I suddenly had a desperate need...

for Neil Marshall/Miles Edgeworth!

Of course, set sometime before SL-9 (I have a lot of kinks, but necrophilia? Not one of them). I fell in love with how it was described... "Damn, Edgey would be like what, 20-something at the time, fresh out of von Karma training, and all of virginal prudery (not that he improved any when he got older) up against Neil's earnest moral code and open southern hospitality" - I Walk the Line by Anonymous


Anon would like to see what would happen if Von Karma found decisive evidence about Edgeworth's sexuality. Perhaps porno mags? Steamy letters from Phoenix (even though Miles never wrote back), etc....

Anon is looking for some angst, some humiliation and punishment. Would like underlying pairing to be PxE, but bonus if the discovery causes Von Karma to bring up repressed memories about Gregory Edgeworth..... - Redhanded by Anonymous (Edgeworth/OC)


anon needs moar daryan/klavier. I HAVE NO KINK, I JUST WANT THERE TO BE MORE OF THEM. for a bunch of guys that act like a married couple in canon, there's surprisingly little of them here. ;_; - The Ghosts of Christmas Past by Anonymous


Hello Meme! It is my birthday, and I think this Meme needs more Hobo. <3

HoboNick/Valant Initial reluctance followed by hot smut. Bonus for a kinky use of Valant's magician skills. - There's No Such Thing As "No Talent" by Anonymous


In light of Edgeworth's new game, I'm finding myself warming up to Edgeworth/Gumshoe, anons.

So, I'd like just that, with a plot around these lines: Gumshoe does something really sweet and completely unexpected for Edgeworth, and contrary to the way the prosecutor acts (he'll brush it off and tell the poor detective to get back to work immediately, to stop acting so foolish, etc.), Edgeworth totally loves him for it. [He's just in major denial, as always.]

Whatever Gumshoe does is up to you, I'd just like something really fluffy and cute with these two. - A Simple Gesture by Anonymous


Von Karma/Phoenix. No, seriously. I'm really curious to see this. I really don't care what happens in the story. I think the pairing is the kink itself. - Vengeance never dies by Anonymous


OK, so this Anon's deepest darkest secret kink is....Watersports. Yes, run away screaming, I understand.

HOWEVER! I would personally fill the fic fantasies of ANYONE who could supply me with some Klavier/Edgeworth non crack Watersporty fun. I don't care who does what to whom or where or even why. Maybe someone lost a bet? Maybe Klavier just likes to pee on people? I don't care. I just want it so, so badly. PLEASE?! - Freshly Squeezed by Anonymous


The pairing? Gavincest. The kink? Uber bondage/sadism that is decidedly non-con, emphasis on them both!

Anon does not care how this happens, she just wants it to happen :D Perhaps there is a reason other than doubts/brotherly loyalty Klavier kept silent about his suspicions for 7 years? Or maybe Kristoph is just super territorial over his baby brother and Klavier needs to be punished for flirting with someone else? I dunno, I leave it to anon! Give me obsessed, possessive, abusive Kristoph and unwilling Klavier! (Klavier also does not necessarily have to end up guilty enjoying said experience, but anon would prefer if he did >>;; ) - Untitled by Anonymous


So I recently started playing Apollo Justice, and I'm shocked that I can't find Hobo!Phoenix/Apollo smut. Where are the yaoi goggles?! Anyway, I don't care how you do it, anon. Just please deliver and I will love you forever. - Our Secret by Anonymous and Once, Twice, Thrice by Anonymous


Why is Kris always the bad guy? Sure, he's a canon psycho... but let's say he's just got severe mental problems that cause him to react rashly to things out of his control.

Now let's say that Klavier... knew about Kris' forgery. And let's say Klavier's blackmailing him. Into sex. - Manipulation by Anonymous


Gregory Edgeworth wanted to save Manfred von Karma like Phoenix wanted to save Miles. (It doesn't have to be the same backstory.) It didn't work.

Bonus points if it's not from Gregory or Manfred's perspective. :D - How's it Going to Be by Anonymous



Seventeen year old Klavier gets his head bashed by some strange turn of events, leaving him amnesia/braindead/retarded/youpick.

Kristoph must take care of his poor younger brother, and is unsure if he'll ever return back to his normal, loud, rock'nrollin' self. Of course, this means angst, sadness, and a lot of struggle for the
defense attorney.

Bonus points of Klavier is just pretending in the end to get his brother's attention because Kristoph has been neglecting him for work or something. - Adagio by Anonymous (incomplete)


The DeLites are going broke, and instead of robbing (Which Ron has sworn off), we go to prostitution of the adorable Ronny.

So. Guess who takes Ron first?

None other than egotistical Luke Atmey. So, they're in a limo for one reason or another, and Luke is using his way with words to sway Ron away from Dessie.

While he simultaneously gives Ron a handjob. With his gloves on. So, virtually, we have Ron shivering in pleasure in Luke's arms while Luke whispers sweet manipulative words to him. Oh yeah. This is hot. - The Best for the Best by taitofan


Basically, it's Grossberg/Anyone, but make it m/m to make it even more impossible.

Fluff, kink, and whatever you want can be a part of this. But Marvin Grossberg has to be part of the duo. - Untitled by Anonymous (Redd White/Grossberg)


In his younger days, Marvin Grossberg was actually fit, in shape, and damn good looking.

He did some 'male modeling' in his time. Phoenix finds one of the magazines he posed for.

His brain breaks. - Untitled by several Anons


I'd like to see Hobo!Phoenix thinking of Edgeworth while being fucked by Kristoph. Bonus points if it's clear that Phoenix has never actually slept with Edgeworth outside of his fantasies; double bonus points if Kristoph somehow knows that Phoenix is thinking of someone else and gets annoyed/jealous. - Mutual Acquaintances by Anonymous, with an Epilogue by Another Anonymous and Another Epilogue by another anonymous


My request is Matt/Juan *cough*snuggling*cough*. I know, I know, but I'm sure you anons can do it! Make it cute, fluffy and teeth-rottingly sweet <33 . Sexytime is optional. - Off the Contract by Anonymous


Gregory Edgeworth/Miles Edgeworth. - Untitled by Anonymous


So, ANON! I need to see something somewhat happier now; a DL-6 never happen scenario is just what I am needing. Manfred and Greg both never got shot. Greg keeps peeling the layers of 'perfection' away from Manfred over months and months. Aand then I'm leaving it up to you, anon. I'd like to see some degree of Greg/Manfred happen, but that's entirely optional. - Revisions by Anonymous


Innuendo with a popsicle/lollipop. - Sucking Too Hard On Your Lollipop ♥ by Anonymous (Klavier/Kristoph)


I have noticed that we have a severe lack of godot/phoenix on the meme and this should be rectified as soon as possible!

It can be about anything you want, can be fluff or pr0n just give me some G/P - Sharing by Anonymous


I want some Godot/Phoenix. With hobo Phoenix. Comfort and sex. I'm a sap for fluff. - Wait To See by pyrasaur


First of May, first of May! OUTDOOR FUCKIN' STARTS TODAY.
So bring your favorite lady, or at least your favorite lay!

Outdoor!sex, please? I'd like a couple other than Apollo / Klavier, but that's my only real request. - Untitled by Anonymous (Phoenix/Kristoph)


I'd like to request a fic. A Gavincest fic. A happy Gacincest fic.

The 'kink' is for the fic to take place after the end of Apollo Justice. As much as I love fluffy childhood fics and sweet fics of the younger Gavins... I'd still want them to have some sort of "happy ending", as reading all those fics where Kristoph dies and everything is awful is just... awful. - Untitled by Anonymous


Klavier, like all major celebrities, has a sex tape that inevitably gets leaked to the media somehow. Could be with Daryan, could be with Kristoph (WHOOHOO INCEST), hell, it could be some sort of German boarding school gangbang for all I care (in fact, that would be pretty damn hot). Just as long as it's super scandalous. Klavier, of course, is pissed off and humiliated, and turns to current-boyfriend Apollo for support. He just doesn't realize that less than five minutes before he arrived at his apartment, Apollo was furiously jacking off to a DVD of the same sex tape. EXTREME AWKWARDNESS AND APOLLO FEELING INCREDIBLY GUILTY ENSUES.

Bonus points for Klavier figuring it out, which of course would lead to really hot angry sex. - Sex, Lies, and Videotape by Anonymous (Kristoph/Klavier, Klavier/Apollo)


Daryan/Machi. Consensual and smuttilicous as possible. - The Heat of Borginian Summer by Anonymous


Gumshoe gets wounded or something in the line of duty (maybe shot by a fleeing suspect or something), and this ends up being the key event that gets Edgeworth to admit his love (however reluctant and awkward) for Gumshoe. - Time and Chance by Anonymous


Gant gets his hand on the magatama.

Bonus points if the magatama. psych locks look or behave different under his power, like he's poisoning it with his eeeeevil. - Beyond Redemption by Anonymous

Comment here (or on the other post) to claim your fic, or if I made a mistake.


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